All Things Yours

All Things Yours

So then, no more boasting about men! All things are yours,  1st Corinthians 3:21  NIV

A man wanted to row in a race.  The goal was to cross a great expanse of ocean.  But he did not have enough money to pay the entrance fee to the race.  One of the committee members was also going to compete.  He gave fierce opposition to the poor man participating. They finally decided that the ocean was free and so he could go, but would not be in the race and would have to leave two days later.  It turns out that the poor man did cross the sea and came in before the other boats.  While the poor man was there trying to figure out a way to get back home, the race organizers came to him pleading for him to talk to one of the rowers still out there on the sea.  Someone was in trouble and needed help.  Nobody could get out to where he was to help him.  They wanted the poor man to speak on the satellite phone and give caring advice on how to weather his difficulties and make it safely to shore.  It was the same man that had kept him from entering the race.  Our poor man was happy to help save a life and the story ended well.

God is all of ours!  He selflessly gave His own Son to all who would believe!  Christ died unselfishly too!  Who are we to exclude anyone?  Who is to say that the outsider we oppose today, might just be the one praying us to safety tomorrow?

Dear Lord,

Do not let us forget that You died for each and all of us!  Never let us make so much of ourselves or our principles that we stand in the way of others coming too, we pray!


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