Entrusted Secrets

Entrusted Secrets

So then, men ought to regard us as servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the secret things of God.   1st Corinthians 4:1  NIV

A kindergarten girl caught the boy as his family pulled up in the car.  Before he got in she told him that she had a secret to share with him.  With his eyes on his family, he lent her his ear.  She drew near and he waited for the secret.  Suddenly she gave him a quick kiss and ran off giggling with delight.  The boy was left blushing in embarrassment over his entrusted secret.

As Christians, we are entrusted with a secret greater than a kiss.  Our secret knowledge is of our wonderful Father in Heaven.  We know what the world does not.  We know how much He loves us.  We know how the Lord has been planning some pretty special ways to spend eternity with us.  We know how God´s own Son lived, taught, and sacrificed His life to become our Way unto the Lord!  We know that Jesus is with the Father now and They are working still to assure our seat at the table!  Are these the secrets we hold?  Are these the things that burn within our chest and we feel we have to let somebody know about?  How are we guarding the secrets of the love of God to His children around us?  Shall we do something to share that love today?

Dear Lord,

Whisper Your sweet secrets into our ears today!  Let us know wonderful things of You!  Let the secret of Your love and Presence burn in us until we find a way to share it, we pray!



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