Newest Book Release

Jesus Lives On In Acts Of The Apostles Front Cover image

Please join us in celebrating the new release of our seventh daily devotional book.  This time we have studied the book of Acts of the Apostles.  We continue to change the writing style and the length of daily sections to try and find what works best for people who live in these busy times.  We want everyone to have an opportunity in their day to be able to pause for a moment, look up in wonder, and contemplate our marvelous God.  This book is now available in paperback on Amazon, and also in ebook format in the Kindle stores.

You can go to Amazon by clicking on this link

If you are not interested in purchasing our books direct from the publisher, we may be able to send you a downloadable pdf copy to read with your devotions.  If this is the case, please contact us at

           amazon  kindle

Book description

Each daily page has a text from the book of Acts and a short write up.  Our thought for the day is to assist us in making our walk with our Savior real, pertinent and as intimate as we can.  Then we close with a prayer to lift our hearts to God and bring us closer to Him in our relationship with Him.  There are 197 days in this journey of the soul.  We pray that you will be blessed with having your relationship enhanced and strengthened.


One thought on “Newest Book Release

  1. Hi Scott so pleased you are on this journey. I would like the pdf copy if possible. May God bless yo as you work for him.


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