Thorn of Torment

Thorn of Torment

Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me.  2nd Corinthians 12:8 NIV


They worked side by side all day, every day.  But the worker caught the brunt of all his boss´ frustration and anger.  He spent his days demoralizing the hired man.  In times of recession, the worker had no choice but to stay at the job and accept the abuse.  So he prayed.  He prayed for a change.  It felt like an eternity before anything happened.  In the end, the economic crisis got to them and the business had to close.  Now that the man no longer had to take the abuse, he also had no way to feed or care for his family.  His only resource was God, once again!  Has God ever answered your prayers by changing the thorn of your torment?  Could He be inviting us to lean further upon Him and draw even closer to Him?

We often forget that we were not placed here on earth to see how long or how full of pleasant things our lives can be.  Our Creator has made us and put us here to see if we will heed His will and come to be His forever.  Our troubles can help us out considerably in knowing we need Him and remembering to seek Him.  If we can feel the thorns, then we may still have a chance to turn from seeking the comforts of this world.  We can be the blessed few who yearn for nothing short of the grace of God!  Shall we take the encouragement and draw ourselves nearer to Him now?


Dear Lord,

Let all our thorns of torment work the miracle of shifting our gaze from us to You!  Let us gladly suffer anything to know that we are drawing nearer to You each day, we pray!


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