As for those who seemed to be important–whatever they were makes no difference to me; God does not judge by external appearance–those men added nothing to my message.  Galatians 2:6  NIV


They came to correct a man from what was contrary to their interpretation of the Bible.  They showed him texts to prove he should be praying to the Father and not to the Son.  But his heart started breaking inside.  For him to ever think of approaching God, he knew he needed the atonement that only our Savior can bring.  His heart knew what was important.  He needed Jesus.  Do we?

There have always been extremely educated people who set out to correct the wayward world.  These bright scholars know their Bibles and their doctrines.  It is important to them to bring others to their way of thinking.  But we must be careful.  There has never been given another Way to come unto the Father than through His Son.  (John 14:6) God is not impressed by outward appearances.  He is forever seeking hearts that receive His gesture of love.  He calls for worshippers who want so desperately to know Him, that they will accept the Gift of His Son, into their hearts.  Texts and human wisdom will not gain us favor with God.  But making Jesus important and intentionally growing our relationship with Him will.  Could we pray that we draw nearer to God through His Son today?


Dear Jesus,

Please don´t let anything keep us from our God!  Help us to come so close to You, our Savior, that when we do finally come before the throne, we will be found in You, we pray!


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