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She lost her husband to cancer way too early in life.  They were a beautiful couple and an inspiration to others.  But the Lord saw fit to let him rest.  She was heartbroken.  But she was strong and her faith in God even stronger.  So she opened her home to young people.  She lived in a part of Africa where finding a good school to teach people´s precious children was not the easiest thing to do.  So she has dedicated her life to bringing up young people with a good education in a loving environment.  These children learned first-hand what the love of God is like because they got to go to her.  This woman was blessed to go to this kind of ministry because the Spirit of God led her there.  Where might we go to today to find the Lord or share Him with others?

Not every person is alike.  Not every ministry is the same either.  We may all have the joyful task of sharing the love of God to His children, but our callings do not have to be identical to that of any other believer.  It is just one more unfathomable wonder of God.  He is so wise He can use diversity to spread His love into the lives of His children.  Can we be thankful now that God knows just where we need to go?  Where will we go to today?


Dear Lord,

Let us find You and experience so much of You, that we can then go to all those we could share You with, we pray!



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