Do Not Give Up!

Do Not Give Up!

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.  Galatians 6:9


There was a man who had been raised in a Christian home.  His parents taught him to pray to the Lord.  He had read his Bible and had his devotions each morning ever since he was a child.  But when he left his parent´s home, he never found another church family.  He was out there in the world.  He was drawn here and there by every worldly interest and goal.  But he continued his prayers and his study of the Word.  Do we think there is still hope for another of God´s lost sheep?  Do we think the Good Shepherd has forgotten one of his lambs?  Or could Jesus still be able to save another soul and bring our hearts closer to the Father today?

We are encouraged to continue to do good.  We are given the promise that if we do not give up, then the Lord can still move in our lives.  We can witness miracles!  We can be shown the power and presence of God!  We can experience the Divine if we will just press on!  So shall we make Him our goal today?  No matter where we find ourselves in our distractions or distance from God, let us continue to seek and to find.  If we are not walking on a high plain of Spiritual awareness, could we mount up our efforts again?  Shall we press forward now in our walk with Jesus?  Shall we accept this hope that we find in Christ?  Shall we pray that He will bring His promised harvest if only we do not give up?


Dear Lord,

Give us the strength today to press on hard after You!  Set our hopes on a closer and dearer relationship with You, we pray!


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