Philippians 3-7 - Profit

But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. Philippians 3:7  NIV


After years of living in show business, a man finally stopped touring.  It was not an easy thing to do as he really enjoyed traveling and performing before an audience.  The money wasn´t the same now and it was tough to get by sometimes.  At first, the man spoke often about all the things he had seen and done.  But with all the changes, he met God.  He began to see where all things really come from.  He learned that he needed God.  The more difficult daily living became, the more he needed to lean on the Lord.  Now the old performer can see that whatever he used to consider a profit was actually a loss when he didn´t have Jesus walking with him each moment.  Where do we find our profit?

If we have never met God, we may not see the profit in it.  It takes an open heart to see that all things come from God.  It takes the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to see that real worth comes from knowing the Lord.  It is the greatest blessing available to mankind to realize the benefit we can have by walking with our Savior.  Our souls can soar again the moment we step into the Presence of God.  Would we like to experience the thrill of exchanging our old profits for something of everlasting worth?  Would we like a new revelation or to take a step closer to God today?


Dear Lord,

Help us to realize now that nothing in all the world is profitable to us without You.  Help us to need You with us and present with us in every single thing, we pray!


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