Be Joyful

1st Thessalonians 5:16  Be Joyful

Be joyful always;  1st Thessalonians 5:16  NIV


There were many people who came together to work in a small town in Italy.  They came from all over Europe and even from overseas.  One day three girls arrived from Spain.  The season had already started.  They began working alongside the Russians.  One of the girls in particular, was always smiling.  She had a contagious laugh and her smile lighted up her eyes.  Whenever the girls showed up it made people happy.  Alongside some of the other workers, it was a breath of fresh air.  The girl with the joyful manner found a special place in the heart of her coworkers.  She may never have expected that she was a beautiful picture of how Christians are supposed to be.  Are we?

There are special people who have come to the awareness that God who formed us and our world.  There are blessed ones who know that the Lord is reaching out to us.  There are a few privileged ones who are touched by all that God has done to show His love unto us.  These precious ones can have something that the rest will never understand.  They can be filled with joy!  Those who know that Christ loved us enough to die to restore us unto God, can be joyful.  We can be those inspired ones.  We can be so grateful for God´s gestures of love that we go everywhere with a smile on our faces.  We could share our joy that we have found in Jesus.  Shall we pray that we can start now?


Dear Lord,

Fill us with such a sense of Your presence and love that our joy spills over to all those around us, we pray!


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