Dead Even While

1st Timothy 5:6 Dead Even While

But the widow who lives for pleasure is dead even while she lives.  1st Timothy 5:6  NIV


The job paid well.  It also came with a certain prestige.  The man who worked there was not really famous, but he got to feel that way by the rock-star lifestyle.  Every day during the touring season, they were on the move.  He was met with hotels, special events, and receiving agents in every city across the USA and even overseas at times.  One of the best parts of the man´s job was the free time.  During the breaks between seasons, he was free to return home, work other jobs, or travel.  He had enough time to do all three.  But even while living the dream life, there was something missing.  He thought at times that it was because he had not settled down to have a family.  But that was not it.  He needed to walk with God.  Do we know what it is to be dead even while we live?

Jesus is the hope given unto us.  The Father sent Him as our most precious Gift.  We have been offered a vibrant relationship with the Lord.  Far from sending our prayers and offerings up to a distant and unapproachable god, we can engage with ours each moment of our day.  We can walk through our lives holding the hand of our Savior and reveling in His embrace.  Shall we throw ourselves into His outstretched arms and actually start living today?


Dear Lord,

Show us what it means to have life!  We want to know a life abundant with You in it!  Give us such a walk with You that no matter where we are, or what we are doing, that we live a thrilling life of constant discoveries of Your love, we pray!



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