Love What is Good

Titus 1:8 Love What is Good

Rather he must be hospitable, one who loves what is good, who is self-controlled, upright, holy and disciplined.  Titus 1:8


A boy was playing one day at a friend´s house.  There were other children there his age and a little toddler who could barely walk.  As they played in the backyard, this older boy realized that the baby trusted him and wanted to be where he was.  But they were playing hide-and-seek.  So, when the time came to hide, the baby would start crying when it could not see him.  It made the boy feel good when the baby would come and cling to him.  But he was surprised to see that he was willing to be mean to the toddler and hide just to get a hug.  Do we love what is good?  Or could we also do some things that are not so charitable to please ourselves?

We will typically defend ourselves.  “I am a good person at heart,” we will say.  But the truth might just reveal that we are often willing to put our desires in front of those of the people around us.  If we truly do love what is good, we will be able to see when our desires may harm others.  We will recognize when our actions cause another person distress.  Walking with and loving Jesus, the One who is truly Good, we will want to reduce these occasions where we might be hurting others.  Could we examine our hearts again?  Could we ask Christ to show us where our actions or words may injure a family member, a friend, or someone we share our day with?  Could we ask to know if we really do love what is good?


Dear Lord,

Increase our love for You!  As we envelop ourselves in You, let Your love flow through us and to all those around, we pray!



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