Mere Talkers

Titus 1:10 Mere Talkers

For there are many rebellious people, mere talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision group.  Titus 1:10  NIV


Everyone had tried to tell a young man how to windsurf, but he never got the hang of it.  One day, he was invited out to sea on a yacht.  Far away from land, his hosts decided to stop and go for a swim.  They had a windsurf board and let the man try it.  He could stand up but when the wind caught the sail, he would lose his balance and fall.  As he struggled, the wind grew stronger.  He got further and further from the boat, and from safety.  He was scared of getting lost at sea.  In the end, out of fear and determination, he learned to windsurf back to the boat.  Could our faith be just mere talk, or is it something we have really got the hang of?

There are a lot of experts.  They can teach us doctrines.  They teach lifestyles and standards of living.  But our faith is more than a routine to follow or an intellectual effort to make.  Christianity has to do with actually meeting God and walking with Him.  We who have set our hope in Jesus would be the ones far out over deep waters.  We deliberately go where Christ will be the only One to save us.  We need more than mere talk or instructions.  We need to be where Jesus is and let Him move us.  He has promised to bring us safely to His shore.  Shall we leave behind those who would talk endlessly and get where we can learn to trust in Jesus today?


Dear Lord,

Teach us as our lives depend on it.  Let us learn to walk with You on water!  Let us trust You instead of mere talk, we pray!


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