Salvation Appeared

Titus 2:11 Salvation Appeared

For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men.  Titus 2:11  NIV


The LA Lakers were the team to beat.  At one of their sold out games a group of traveling acrobats came to do a half-time show.  They were given a changing room that had comfortable sofas and plenty of space.  Just before starting time, Jack Nicholson walked into the room.  He spoke in his usual casual drawl to the surprised visitors.  “It looks like we will be sharing this room tonight,” he said partly smiling.  One of the over-eager youngsters, who was a big fan of his, blurted out an invitation to the film star to watch their show when halftime came around.  Jack´s sense of humor came shining through when he politely refused and then added, “but I can sit here in the changing room and watch your stuff.”

It is a marvelous experience for normal people to meet a famous person.  But our human race has been visited by One far more amazing even than Jack Nicholson.  By the grace of God, Jesus appeared to us to bring salvation to us.  Far more incredible than watching over our kit, Christ is watching over our souls.  Those who care to join Him in His dream, His quest, and His redemptive work, will enter into His intimate circle of friends.  Could we be the lucky ones today, who would stand before the King of Kings and be treated as a friend for more than our lifetimes?


Dear Lord,

Blow us away today with an awareness of the privilege You are holding out to us.  Let us recognize the fact that we could meet, walk with, and remain with our Lord forever, we pray!


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