Grace With Spirit

Philemon 1:25 Grace With Spirit

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.  Philemon 1:25  NIV


In his hand, a young man held a plane ticket.  He was only nineteen years old.  The ticket was valid for a year and the only flight date that was marked was that day.  He could use it to circumnavigate the world as long as he continued in the same direction.  All his family and his closest friends had come to the airport to see him off.  They knew the boy intended to use this ticket to go and find a new life.  So that day was a goodbye.  When the moment came, he hugged each one.  But when he said farewell to his parents, there were tear in their eyes.  They were crying on the inside and out.  Their prayer that day was that the grace of the Lord would accompany their son to guide Him and protect him.  What is it that we will pray for today?

Grace is a word we use to place free-willed and often straying souls, into the hands of God.  The Almighty God in Heaven makes a choice to shower us with grace, hold us close to His heart in love.  He does this even as we choose to run off in every other direction than to Him.  It is this grace that we can pray for.  We can ask it for ourselves and for others.  It can place God where He wants to be inside the soul of the wandering heart.  Could we ask for more of God´s presence with us?  Could we pray that the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ can be with our spirit and those we love now?


Dear Lord,

Let us find Your grace!  Let Your Spirit come into us and into those around us, to guide us, protect us and save us, we pray!


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