Suffered to Help

Hebrews 2-18 Suffered to Help

Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.  Hebrews 2:18 NIV


The basketball fans sat in their seats at an NBA game. They were true fans who went to the games even when their team was not doing the best. They also enjoy the mascot. They enthusiastically cheered his antics and stunts. But then one day, he went off a trampoline and they all watched in horror as his leg bent terribly as he landed. He tried to stand, but could not. He took a bow. They applauded in sympathy. The rest of that season he still appeared at the games, but limping with a brace. There were no more flips. The next season he was back up to speed. The fans were bigger fans through it all and the team began doing better too!

The man in the suit could never take the credit for his team growing into a championship team. But through his operations and painful recovery, he can better empathize with suffering souls today. Our Savior suffered much for us. He even had to suffer temptations to become our greatest help in times of need. We can be encouraged all the more in our pursuit of God, knowing that our Lord has suffered as we do. He knows our pain, our struggles, and our temptations. He can bring us more hope and strength as we grow closer to Him. Shall we become His biggest fans? Shall we bring our hearts to Him? Shall we make it our goal to walk each day with the One who suffered to help us gain our place with God?


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for coming to us and suffering for us! Let our hearts go out to You knowing that You have been here too. And if we must suffer, let it serve to help others too, we pray!


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