God is the Builder

Hebrews 3:4 God is the Builder

For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything. Hebrews 3:4 NIV


A teenager took a job building houses one summer. He found out straight away that it was very hard work. Because his woodworking skills were not yet developed, he had to do all the tedious tasks of stacking piles of wood, pulling nails, and scrapping out. One day when the temperature was over a hundred degrees, he was lifting 4×8 ft. sheets of plywood onto the roof of a house and taking them over to the other side. He was hot and tired. He needed water. As he carried a sheet up the sloping roof, his vision left him for a moment. When his vision returned the world was tilted. His face was pressing down on the rough surface of the roof. After a sitting for a while in the shade with his water bottle, the young worker was able to continue. He may never become a great builder of houses, but could he, like us, come to know the One who builds it all?

God is more than just the One who began all things. His work is not finished. Until all His children are safely in His arms, the Father and His Son will not cease in their endeavor. They have the plans. They know how to build us up in faith. We are weak. We are often overcome by the elements where we toil. We work frantically. But God is working on the eternal goal of restoring souls to Him. Could we join Him in His efforts? Could we join His crew and witness first-hand the greatest construction ever conceived? Shall we let the Great Builder build us up into mighty pillars of faith?


Dear Lord,

Let us come to You. You are the One who builds what truly lasts forever. Do Your amazing work in us and make us strong and beautiful examples of Your handiwork, we pray!



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