Hold to Share

Hebrews 3-14 Hold to Share

We have come to share in Christ if we hold firmly till the end the confidence we had at first. Hebrews 3:14 NIV


They were close friends growing up. The two boys were in the same class and they lived in the same neighborhood. Their families went to church together, and they used to love to talk together about their faith in Jesus and their love for God. Heaven was a favorite conversation for them. Then, in their high school years, one of them started riding to school on his dad´s motorcycle. The other dreamed of having a motorcycle too but his parents were against him ever having one of those dangerous vehicles. When that boy went away to college, he needed transport. So he finally got his bike. It was all he could afford and it brought him home to see his family at the weekends, until the accident. One Friday after worship service, he headed home on his motorcycle. The next day his body was found. They don´t know how long he held on to life as he lay near his bike below the road. What do we hold on to?

The boy´s childhood friend holds on to faith that one day they will meet up at the feet of God. They will praise the Lord together again. They will share in the glory of the face of God if they hold their faith in Jesus to the very end. One man´s earthly journey was shorter. But his friend is confident that the faith they shared in Christ brings the power to save us all and takes us where our hearts are meant to be. Could we pray that our faith will hold us close to our Savior for all the ages to come?


Dear Lord,

Give us a faith in Your salvation that will prepare us for anything that this world will ever throw at us! Just let us know that we will gather to share in praising You forever, we pray!


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