God Permitting

Hebrews 6:3 God Permitting

And God permitting, we will do so. Hebrews 6:3 NIV


There was only an ally that separated their backyards. One day the children got the idea to make a tunnel that connected the two yards. So they started digging. First, they dug straight down until the hole was a foot or so over their heads. Then they started working on the tunnel. It was just big enough for them to crawl through. After a few feet, they decided to make a room. They carved out the walls until they had a place where they could all sit. They put candles in shelves they dug in the walls and now they had a sort of clubhouse underground. They were smart enough to put a piece of plywood over their hole at night so that nobody would fall in or so their parents would not find out about the secret tunnel and put a stop to their scheme. But before any further work on the tunnel, one of the parents noticed the growing pile of dirt. What is it that we hope God will give consent and permit us to do?

The children were not permitted to carry on their dangerous plans for tunneling under the fences and the ally. They were made to fill in the hole and to promise never to try something so dangerous. For those who seek God, it is the same. We may be instructed to leave many of our earthly and potentially disastrous personal agendas. These will be for our ultimate good. But the one thing we should pray each day that God will allow us to do is to grow our relationship with Him. Shall we pray that the Lord will let us come nearer to Him and to come more fully into His presence now?


Dear Lord,

Give the Word! Let it be so! Let us take what little we have found of You and use it to gain more of Your wisdom, Your love, and Your presence in our lives, we pray!


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