Blessed by Greater

Hebrews 7:7 Blessed by Greater

And without doubt the lesser person is blessed by the greater. Hebrews 7:7 NIV


They hoisted their kayaks onto their shoulders and headed down the steep path down the canyon to the mighty Zambezi River. One of the young men was especially nervous. The boys he was with had once asked him to teach them the art of running rivers. But now their skills far outmatched his. He knew he was not prepared for such big and turbulent waters. No laughter or jokes could hide his fear as they dropped into the first of the big rapids. Waves broke over his boat and the first massive hole tumbled him over. He tried to roll back upright. But the man was powerless in the force of the swift stream, His lack of experience in big water began to make him panic. He thought of the many rapids ahead and the size of his dilemma. He began to fear for his life. He needed help. Have we ever been blessed by one greater than us?

The man´s younger friend pulled him to safety. He was working that day and could not stay with him and save him from every rapid. So he gave him the advice that saved his life. He told him to get out and hike up the trail that would take him out of the gorge. We too have been blessed by One far greater than any in the history of the world. Jesus left His throne above to walk with us and bring us salvation. He has blessed us with grace and mercy untold. Regardless of the rough waters, we must ride today, we can be safe and assured that our Savior is near. Our greatest blessing today can come through turning to Christ. Shall we do that now?


Dear Jesus,

We turn to You. You are the only One who can save us from the turmoil here. Bless us with Your presence now, we pray!



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