Hebrews 7:8 Tithe.jpg

In the one case, the tenth is collected by men who die; but in the other case, by him who is declared to be living. Hebrews 7:8 NIV


Sitting in church one day the offering plate came around. His heart was not completely behind his giving that day. The teenager wanted to give to the Lord, but he was struggling to see that giving to the organization was truly giving to God. He had been instructed that it was. He had watched his parents gladly giving a tenth of all they earned to the Lord. He had also witnessed how God had always provided for his family. Deep down he believed that their obedience and selfless acts of giving pleased God and gave Him the joy of blessing them with more than they needed. But that day he struggled to let go of his hard earned money. Do we give our tithe?

So often we take the Scriptures literally or read it in worldly terms. The boy in the story failed to see the spiritual significance. He lost his chance to remove from his heart his greedy hold on his earnings and offer a significant part of his heart to God. He needed to learn that we will never gain anything that lasts, by withholding it from God. Only the parts of our lives that we give to the Lord will ever truly be safe. Shall we pray that the tithe we give to God today will not stop with just a check, spare change, or an hour or so each weekend? Shall we pray for a cheerful spirit of giving and gladly give our whole hearts, our attention, money for the needy, or anything else that we can give of our hearts to God?


Dear Lord,

Help us to sacrifice selflessly of ourselves as You have shown us through the life and death of our Savior. Give us such a close walk with You that Your Spirit becomes ours, we pray!



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