His Tribe

Hebrews 7:13 His Tribe.jpg

He of whom these things are said belonged to a different tribe, and no one from that tribe has ever served at the altar. Hebrews 7:13 NIV


There was no way to tell just how old the man was. He was small and now slightly stooped in posture. But there was a spring in his step. He woke his boss each morning with a steaming cup of coffee and worked throughout the day with a smile. If anyone needed anything he jumped at the chance to do it quickly and cheerfully. His loyalty was inspiring. If you really wanted to see him light up with glee, all you had to do was ask him about his family. His face would beam as he related stories and descriptions of his loved ones. Then, if you asked him what tribe he came from, he would seem to grow. He would straighten up and say with pride that he was from the Matabele tribe. He had spent a lifetime living up to the name and serving in such a way as to make his people look good. What tribe do we belong to?

Jesus is our High Priest that serves before the throne of God. Where once stood only rituals and traditional priests, our Eternal One is standing at God´s right hand. We can gaze in wonder into the piercing brightness that enshrouds the Throne of Grace because the One who saves us is there! We can grin from ear to ear as we realize that we too are coming into a heritage that will last forever! Our hearts can soar with a swelling pride as we seek out our High Priest and follow Him on the path that will make us ultimately the tribe and children of God! Shall we seek Him now?


Dear Lord,

Tell us again that we can be Your people! Let us seek You with an intensity that will truly make us Yours, we pray!


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