Draw Near to God

Hebrews 7:19 Draw Near to God.jpg

(for the law made nothing perfect), and a better hope is introduced, by which we draw near to God. Hebrews 7:19 NIV


The sea rose and fell on the rocks where the man sat. His Bible lay open in his lap. He had considered himself a Christian his whole life. But now he was feeling down. He desperately needed to experience God´s presence. He had spent days praying as if God actually was there. Now, as he gazed out over the water, the man began to notice the movement of the water. He marveled over its motion, colors, the sounds, and the smells. A sensation flooded over him as he began to sense that God truly was there with him! He began to see that the Spirit of the Lord had always been right here with all us. He realized that it had been that still quiet Voice booming in his ears that had been drawing him to seek God´s presence.  Have we ever gone out of our way to draw near to God?

We may try to find a crowded church or a Bible study group to draw near to God. These can help grow and strengthen our spiritual lives. But they are not usually the place where we will meet the Living God face to face. If we truly want to get to know the Father, then the Son is still the Way. We will have to spend precious time seeking Him. We will need to get where we can be alone with Him. If we learn to walk with Him we can learn to hear Him. All the time we spend searching for Him and finding Him, we will be drawing nearer to Him. Then, when we must return to our busy lives, God will be near us because we first drew near to Him. Can we hear the Lord calling us near to Him right now?


Dear Lord,

Move us to seek Your presence. Draw us ever nearer to You and help us see that You are here with us, we pray!


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