Forgive Wickedness

Hebrews 8:12 forgive wickedness

For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” Hebrews 8:12 NIV


On a high school backpacking trip the teenagers found themselves camping near a beautiful mountain lake. In the grass and crystal clear water by the shore they started finding and catching harmless snakes. They managed to collect more than a half a dozen of them and brought them all back to the camp. Their teachers were away at the moment, so they came up with a horrible plan to kill the innocent little creatures. A few kids tried to defend them and suggested making a circle where the snakes could be placed, but as soon as they slithered out of the circle, they would be safe. The other children all stood around with sticks while they carried out their cruel plan. Are there any insensitive actions in our past that we would be glad to know that God will not hold against us?

Fortunately, there were many of the frightened animals that did escape. But the tragedy still happened. Even the purest of souls will find some moments in their lives where we have turned our backs on others or on God. But our God is a God of forgiveness. He only asks for us to recognize that our intentions have not always been the best. He asks us to turn our old dark natures over to Jesus. The Lord wants us to turn away from our past and seek a new beginning in Christ. If we humble ourselves, He will gladly forget our more selfish and cruel moments. Could we take our hearts to Him now? Shall we ask the God of forgiveness to wipe away our poorer beginnings and raise us up in His love?


Dear Lord,

Help us see where we were wrong or cruel. Give us a repentant heart so that we can turn ourselves fully unto You now, we pray!


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