Being Made Holy

Hebrews 10:14 being made holy

because by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy. Hebrews 10:14 NIV


He was a Christian. Everyone knew of his proclaimed devotion to God. But one night he lost it. His children were behaving poorly. His wife was angry. They had to leave early from the dinner they were having at someone´s house. On the way home, he stopped the car. He wanted to explain to his kids the importance of caring instead of disrespecting others. But they didn´t want to hear it. His wife was still upset and didn´t want to hear it then either. She was right, the timing was poor. He went against her word. He couldn´t take all this fighting anymore. If they were going to shout, he was going to shout even louder. Have we ever acted in a manner less appropriate than what is expected of us as Christians?

We tend to think that once we have made the decision to become followers of Christ and devote our hearts to God, that from then on we are instantly better people. The truth is that except our new tie to God, very little has changed in our earthly nature. In putting faith in Jesus, we have connected ourselves to the Lord. But this is just the beginning. It may hurt us each time we realize how much we still need to grow. It will sting when we see that our old selfish nature still needs to be purged from our bodies. What has been made perfect is that our guilt can be wiped clean by the grace of God. We still have far to go to be made perfect. As we see how much we need our Savior and turn more fully to Him, His perfect sacrifice can cover us. Shall we pray that we may come close enough to Christ that we continue to be made holy by His grace!


Dear Lord,

Forgive us for when we fail You and those around us. Pick us up, hold us close, and never cease to mold us, we pray!


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