Faith Brings Back

Hebrews11:19 faith brings back

Abraham reasoned that God could raise the dead, and figuratively speaking, he did receive Isaac back from death. Hebrews 11:19 NIV


Nobody imagined that it was so serious. When the mother of a family stayed in bed with a cough and a slight fever, her daughters and husband thought that she just needed to rest. But after a few days, when her condition did not get better, the father finally took her to the hospital to see the doctor. She was not allowed to go back home with him. Bronchitis had gotten into her lungs and she was very weak. Her daughters took time off of work and they all took turns staying with her in the hospital room at night. Time went by and eventually, God gave her health back to her. After many weeks of special care, she was finally allowed to return to her family. They were all so happy to have her back. Abraham also nearly lost his boy. God had to give up His only Son. Have we ever been blessed with the revelation that God can bring back those who have faith in Him? Have we been that blessed?

We all have a limited number of days to share our lives and enjoy these lives with others. Sickness, death, and a host of other causes may separate us from the ones we love. But the Bible teaches us that in the wonder and love of God, we never have to lose anything of real value for long. Those precious souls, who belong to Him, are forever safe with Him. When we draw near to Him, we will find that all that belongs to Christ is on a steady and sure course to come back to Him. There where God is, all our paths can join again. Faith can bring us all back together with Him forever!


Dear Lord,

Bring us all back to You! Give us this most uplifting thought, that we may all come back together to be with You, we pray!



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