When We Face Trials

James 1:2

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, James 1:2 NIV


When a man finally decided to step out of the world´s parade and start following His Savior, the bottom fell out of his world. He had enjoyed a fairly easy-going lifestyle. He had some money and even time for travel. But now that the man´s goals were not set on getting ahead here in this world, he was paying for his prodigal-son past. He had to spend some time in the pigsty starving for scraps the pigs got. Nobody wanted to hire him anymore, he couldn´t find a place to call home, and his friends and family were far away. He found himself all alone in his beliefs and with many trials to overcome. Yet he was discovering His Savior in ways that were astounding him. So despite the pain of separation and loss, despite the disheartening struggles and setbacks, he could plod along with a smile in his heart. Have we ever faced any trials because we considered looking to God?

The Bible teaches nothing short of this opposition. Instead, we are told up front that it will be so. The man or woman who would look to Jesus instead of what they can get out of the appealing world around us is in for their share of trials. However, we have encouragement. If the world does throw its hardest blows at us, we can consider it a joy. The pain does not need to affect us as we can see that it is a sign that we are gaining something better. We are gaining a walk with God, and the wayward world is trying to make us pay for stepping out of our love affair with it.


Dear Lord,

Let the very trials we face, lift our spirits as we see that we are gaining ground with You! Let our hearts thrill to know that we are winning our place by Your side, we pray!


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