Lacks Wisdom

James 1:5 Lack Wisdom

If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. James 1:5 NIV


Two brothers were disputing over a question of faith. One was saying that God did not want us to simply pray over something and leave it in God´s hands to deal with. He said that God expected us to pray and then to get working on whatever it was that we were praying for as if God had already granted us the favorable reply we were asking for. This, he said was demonstrating faith and then stepping out on that faith. The other brother could see a little logic in this approach, but something told him that this approach put too much emphasis on us and little on the Lord. Where do we go when we lack the wisdom to solve our doubts or our beliefs?

Those who look for earthly wisdom can, and do go to a million different sources. We live in an age of information gone wild. However, there is a different kind of wisdom. It runs quite contrary to the self-flattering or self-sufficient wisdom of our day. The wisdom that comes from God is given freely. But, it is only given to the ones who actually seek God in the outcome. Anything that lifts us up to the point where we do not need God can never be from God. It may sound wise, but worldly wisdom will only gain us worldly gain. True wisdom gains us more of God because it places us where we need Him. We will need Him for the right question, to help us in waiting, for hope, for the answer, the drawing nearer and the fuller revelations that the outcome brings. Could we do with a little wisdom too? Shall we seek God and ask Him for more today?


Dear Lord,

Give us wisdom from above. Help us to seek the wisdom that makes You indispensable to us and every moment, we pray!


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