Blown and Tossed

James 1:6 Blown and Tossed

But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. James 1:6


Something was wrong. The man awoke in the darkness and climbed out from where he was sleeping in the back of the boat. There was no moon or stars to light up the deck. His partner was struggling against the oars. When the man asked what was happening, his friend said that the sea had turned against them. The wind and the waves were making it impossible to row. Rubbing the drowsiness from their eyes, they checked their heading. Lack of sleep, the blackness, and the wind-swept heaving of the sea had blown them off of their intended course. There was no way of telling how much longer it would take them to reach land now. Have we ever lost our direction, failed to trust in God, or given in to our doubts and fears?

On the seas of life, we need help facing the elements that would sweep us off course or drag us under. The man of faith does not need to get turned around or to ever lose heart. We can keep our eyes on Jesus. We can remain close to him in the turmoil of these dark times where we struggle against the unseen breezes and billows. We can have the One who calms seas and winds as their trusted Traveling Companion. If we strengthen our bond, our relationship between us and our Lord, then it does not matter what elements have turned against us. Our destination is sure. Our souls are in good hands. And, we can enjoy our journey with our beloved Savior right there with us, steering us surely Home to our God!


Dear Lord,

Strengthen our walk with You until our faith is strong! Help us past all fears, knowing that we are close to You, we pray!


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