The Word Planted

James 1:21 The Word Planted

Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you. James 1:21 NIV


As children, they attended a school that belonged to a religious institution. Their families attended church. Then, when they grew into young adults, a completely different lifestyle became attractive to them. The old gang of friends enjoyed the new experiences they were having and often got together for their parties. Some of the friends started trying drugs and one of them even got into trouble selling them. He had to do some time behind bars. The world had somehow gained the attention of this particular group of friends, but God had planted His seeds within their hearts. Could the Word of God planted inside of them still be able to save them if they will turn to seek Him again? Could the Living Word save us too?

Moral filth is so prevalent in our world today that most of us hardly ever stop to think of where our lives are heading. Even those who never have strayed from the religious institution where they were brought up are still living in times where the distractions of the world can easily crowd out the voice of God. To approach our Savior, come to know and walk with Him in our times, is nothing short of a miracle. But praise the Father of the Heavenly Lights! He is still the God of miracles! Jesus is still the conquering King! The life-changing presence of Jesus can and still does save men and women from our moral decay! We can come unto the cross. We can meet the Savior. Who would like to humbly seek Christ today?


Dear Lord,

Whether we have strayed little or far, let the seed of Your Word planted in us grow and save us from a world without You, we pray!


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