Don´t Be Deceived

James 1:16 Don´t Be Deceived

Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers. James 1:16 NIV


The old group of friends all came back into town at the same time. They had shared many experiences together and enjoyed many adventures. One of the guys was invited over to his boss´s house to have dinner with him and his wife. His boss was a Christian and felt a certain kinship with the young man as they had both grown up in a Christian home. But when the evening came around, the young man had to choose whether or not to go and spend time in the Christian environment or to go out with the rest of the guys. They were all going to play darts and shoot pool. The young man was torn. He listened to both parties, but which one do we think caught the attention of the single youth? How do we do when temptation comes our way?

The trend these days is to blame whatever distraction it was that tore our attention away from God. We like to blame society, our busy schedules or even those around us. It is easier for us to blame someone else than to shoulder our responsibility to our moral state. But, if we could learn to be honest, we would see that the fault lies in where our heart is. We often choose to be tempted and deceived because we are more interested in those enticing apples than we are in spending the same effort and attention on God. We place our own desires before those of our Savior. He knows the urgency, the danger, and the consequences we face whenever something other than God starts to seem more attractive to us. Shall we pray for help from above in not letting ourselves be deceived? Could we ask for God´s help in making Him our first and greatest desire today?


Dear Lord,

You are infinitely more thrilling than any appealing fruit in this garden. Help us keep our hearts on You forever, we pray!


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