Breaking the Law

James 2:10 Breaking the Law

For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it. James 2:10 NIV


When they finally reached the campsite they were anxious to pull their ATVs off of the trailer and take them for a spin. They quickly set up camp and then fired up the bikes. Not waiting to unpack the whole truck to find the helmets, one boy tore off on his three-wheeler He followed a trail out to where the sand dunes were to warm up his machine, but then decided he had better go back for his helmet. As he steered for the trail that led back to camp, he saw the patrol car heading his way. They had seen him. Without thinking, he quickly turned onto a smaller path that led through the brush and returned as fast as he could by a different route. He parked his bike amongst the rest and sat down in a camp chair like nothing had happened. Sure enough though, the patrol car soon passed by. It stopped. The officer walked over to his bike. It was still warm. They had enough evidence to write out the ticket.

We may not like to think about it, but we stumble too. We do it all the time. God has forever been telling our race what it is that He wants from us. We do not need to second guess or debate. God is clothed in righteousness. All those who would not be clothed in the righteousness that He provides us, falls outside of His will for us. We break the law. What God wants is our whole hearts to beat for Him. Shall we turn our attention towards the Savior of our souls and let His righteousness cover our failures too?


Dear Jesus,

Bring us back to You! Teach our wandering hearts to seek You and walk closely with You each day! Only by Your side will Your blood be able to pay for transgressions Let our bond be our protection and keep us from stumbling today, we pray!



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