Love Your Neighbor


James 2:8 Love Your Neighbor

If you really keep the royal law found in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing right. James 2:8 NIV


A family returned from living in the mission fields. They found a house near the church and the school and settled down. It was not long before another family they had met in Africa came to live near them too. Their house was a stones-throw away in the same subdivision. But, the second family had trouble and the father left after only a short while. The mother did her best to raise her two children by herself and not to depend too much on anyone else. Yet, in many ways, living close by and being neighbors only strengthened the bond between the two families. Almost a lifetime later, they still feel the love as if they were all part of the same family. Do we love our neighbor as the Good Book teaches?

The Bible teaches us to love all our neighbors even as we love ourselves. This teaching is extremely far from what the world teaches us these days. Now we are taught to look after ourselves first and be wary of our neighbors. We will need considerable help from above to love the person who cuts us off in line or steals the parking space that we were waiting for. Christ will be essential to us in our daily living. Jesus had enough love in His heart to compel Him to lay down His life for the same cruel people who would do away with Him. If we can grow close to Him, then we could learn to love our neighbors too. If we do, we may get the chance to spend eternity in an extended family where are all well loved.


Dear Lord,

Draw us so close to You and Your heart, that we may have Your love welling up in us for all those we come into contact with each day, we pray!


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