James 3:1 Teachers

Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. James 3:1 NIV


A young man who had learned to do gymnastics at his high school started teaching it as soon as he had graduated. It wasn´t long before he had his own little gymnastic school. He still went around to the old high school and volunteered his time to help the newer generation perfect their skills and learn new ones. The high school team had a yearly performance where they could show what the kids had learned to their parents and the rest of the community. The young teacher performed along with the students. They had all improved considerably, especially one. It was amazing to watch the little guy perform. One could not explain it, but this student reflected exactly his teacher´s style and form while flipping through the air. Are we aware of what others may be learning from us?

We may not always realize it but the people around us learn a lot from what we say and do. We could be a positive influence upon others. Or, we could unknowingly pass on to them our less favorable traits. We will all need to walk pretty closely with our Lord and know Him extremely well if we want people to see that we have met Jesus. We could be a channel through which others can learn the joy of knowing God, but we should pray that the impression we leave with others is a favorable one. Eternity lies in the balance. Shall we ask to walk so closely with our Teacher now, that those around us will also want to move to the heart of God?


Dear Lord,

We realize that time is short and few worthy teachers are found. If others would learn something from us today, please let it be to love and walk with You, we pray!


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