James 5.1 Rich

Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming upon you. James 5:1 NIV


It was during their teenage years when the boys were so in love with cars. They dreamt of them day and night. One day they were waiting outside a shopping center for their mother to come and pick them up. A shiny black Porsche 911 drove by. Their mouths dropped open. They stood up to get a better look at it and the lucky man who was driving it. But, just as the car went by, smoke began billowing out from under the hood. The man stopped the car by the curb and got out. In a matter of seconds, flames followed the smoke as the whole engine caught on fire. Nobody could believe what their eyes were seeing. Could we also get caught up in or fall in love with the rich things of this world?

The enticing things in our world are not bad in themselves. What we are warned about is of lending our hearts to things that are less than God Himself. We could choose the Lord as our Prize instead of being enticed by the flashy treasures of this world. We could find unlimited riches in coming to know God for ourselves. Our hearts could race with the thrill of meeting Him in personal encounters! We could be overwhelmed with glimpses of the Savior´s glory and grace!  We could cherish the treasures laid up in Heaven where souls will stand in the Presence of the Almighty! We could be spared the misery of losing our prized earthly riches if we would only lift our gaze and set our hearts on the eternal wealth of gaining our place with God! Who would like to trade their earthly treasures for an eternal walk with the King of Kings?


Dear Lord,

Help us shift our gaze and the desires of our hearts to You! Let us want nothing less than to be with You always, we pray!


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