How Much Further?

James 5:8 How Much Further?

You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near. James 5:8 NIV


Driving South took hours. For the children, each hour seemed an eternity. Every so often one of them would not be able to contain it any longer and would ask, “How much further is it?” The mother would give a tricky smile and say, “We are half way to the halfway mark.” How is our patience?

The world and its many philosophers, groan many times because we do not know where we are or when we will ever get to a destination. So much goes on in this life that without a purpose, without knowing that we are getting closer to something can be overwhelming. It drives people to all kinds of madness.

However real and frustrating this hopelessness may seem, we can listen to an uplifting message. The Christian is blessed among the children of the earth because we belong to a special family. We are on a journey Home. We are on our way to the Father. We have the best Travelling Companion and we are on this trip together. The message we receive is that the Lord´s coming is near. Some feel impatient. They say that it is all a joke because they cannot wait any longer. But the words can give us a prize that the world will not have. We can have hope! We can lift our spirits as we lift our eyes above the horizon! The Lord´s coming is near, and we can grow closer to Him each day! It is the journey of a lifetime, of eternity! Are we getting anxious? Can we feel the excitement mounting as we come closer to the great gathering of our family, God´s family?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for telling us we are getting nearer to Home! Lift our spirits as we grow closer to You, we pray!


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