In Trouble

James 5:13 In Trouble

They had been in situations many times before, but this time the boys were in way over their heads. The debts that they had raised for a venture this time took them overseas. Kind people had helped them in smaller ways but would not cover transport, plane tickets or lodging. Others had sacrificed of themselves to try and ease their burden, but the sum of money that they owed now was more than they could bear. As children, they had prayed together and watched as God brought them safely through situations. Yet here they were in the real world, a world of grownups and grownup problems. They were in trouble! How would they find the money? How would they make it out of their predicament? How will we?

Prayer is generally scorned by those who believe that chaos can miraculously turn itself into order on its own. However, these were times for a lot of prayers. The Lord heard them. More kind people appeared as if from nowhere with a generosity that they did not need to show. Too many coincidences all fell into line until, within a matter of weeks, all their debts were taken care of. There was plenty of hard work and dedication involved too, but the men will always remember the kindness they were shown when the Lord moved more variables and more hearts to help them. We could remember the Lord today too! We could turn to Him! We could give God a chance to work miracles in our lives! Shall we give Christ the chance to take our hand and walk us through our troubles and be with us today?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for all Your unseen providence! Move us to draw near to You and let You help us in all our troubles, we pray!


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