Prayer Is Effective

James 5:16 Prayer Is Effective

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. James 5:16 NIV


In a small city church in the backstreets of a town in Africa, a preacher stood in a tank of water before the congregation. He was about to baptize the last child of the service. Something made him pause for a moment. He asked everyone to bow their heads in prayer. The prayer was simple and only asked for a blessing for this child, for Christ to be near him, and guide him safely into the Father´s will. From that humble beginning in faith, the boy began to grow. But, instead of growing ever closer to God, the boy found a big and interesting world out there to discover. He eventually stopped going to church. All evidence seemed to show that the prayer of the preacher would fail and that this child of God was lost forever. However, could prayer still be powerful and effective?

Praise the Lord! The wayward man was shown his ways. God calls again to the prodigal son who left to squander his inheritance. From a far land that young man heard his Savior calling him Home. A life turned around. One more sheep has been sought out by the Good Shepherd. Now that child does not want to chase the world as he once did. Now the prodigal son´s growing desire is to be with his Father. Could someone be praying for us? Is there a chance that their prayers will be answered and that we will set our hearts on Jesus too? Shall we set out on a journey now with Christ, down the road that leads us to our Home with the Father too?


Dear Father in Heaven,

Hear the prayers of those who plead for us to return to You! Grant their petitions and help each of Your chosen children witness the power and effectiveness of prayer, we pray!



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