Save a Brother

James 5:20 Save a Brother

remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of his way will save him from death and cover over a multitude of sins. James 5:20 NIV


On a ranch way out in Africa, the children went exploring one day. They walked up into the hills behind the homesteads. The boys were seeking adventure. They saw a cave in the side of a cliff. So they started climbing up into it. There were two ways that it looked like the cave went. You could go up into some giant boulders or into a tunnel on one side. As the brothers were discussing which one should swallow their fear and crawl in first, they heard a noise coming from deep inside the hole. Something big was in there! And, it was coming out quickly! “Run!” they shouted as they turned and pushed each other towards the exit. One child leaped up into the boulders above. The rest fled out of the entrance to the cave just as a huge warthog plunged out of the darkness. Could there be a brother or sister we might be able to save somehow today?

None of the children were hurt that day and they still try to look after one another. Yet the Bible speaks to us of a more lasting danger. It is God´s will that our family will live on happily forever in His loving embrace. But there are some brothers and sisters who may not see the danger that would steal away their chance to be there. They could go on unsuspecting right into the darkness. Or we could sound the alarm. We could do our best to bring them into the light again. Let´s pray that our brothers and sisters find the Savior soon so that we will never have to lose a single one!


Dear Lord,

Please be with our brothers and sisters! Move within their hearts so that our prayer is answered and our family can all come into the great family gathering there with You, we pray!



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