Stranger Here

1st Peter 1:17 Strangers Here

Since you call on a Father who judges each man’s work impartially, live your lives as strangers here in reverent fear. 1st Peter 1:17 NIV


They were from a different country. They spoke differently and with a strong accent. They dressed differently. They stood out in a crowd. All you had to do was to take one look at them or hear them speak and you knew that they were not from here. People accepted them mostly. It was a bit of a novelty to have someone strange around. It made the conversations more interesting. They also had such different customs. Do we know that God has called us to live in our world as strangers and be like these foreigners too?

The Christian message is just this, that we actually belong to a different place. Our real residence is to be with God. Where He dwells is where He wants us to be too. We could take this information and try and make it mean only in physical or geographical terms, but this is impossible with a God who cannot be limited to one space or time. God is spirit and therefore not under the limits we here in this place are. Just as God is higher, he wants us to look higher. He is from above and we are to walk and talk more and more like we are from His Heavenly Kingdom. Those around us may notice the difference in us. This is a good thing. It goes to show that we belong to our Father in Heaven. Who would like to step out in faith and live like strangers? Who would like to walk and talk, live and love, like people who belong to the Kingdom of Heaven?


Dear Lord,

Let us live as strangers here in this land where we live. Just remind us often that we belong to You and we will spend forever with You in the radiance of Your presence, we pray!


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