Submit to Authority

1st Peter 2:13 Submit to Authority

Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men: whether to the king, as the supreme authority, 1st Peter 2:13 NIV


They were not used to the bustle and traffic of the big city. They had driven up to the capital to visit some friends. So, they were trying hard to pay attention in the unfamiliar streets. Suddenly, a traffic light changed. They did not see it in time. They drove right through the yellow light. A policeman dressed in a smart suit saw the whole thing and raised his hand for them to stop. It was his job to fine those who did not obey the signals. But the visitors were too busy looking for their street, and they hardly noticed the officer either. When they did see him and his upheld hand, the driver also lifted his hand and waved a salute as if they were old friends. They had driven right past before they put the whole incident together and realized that he had been trying to stop them. How well do we submit to the authorities that God has placed here in our world?

The Christian should be the first one who wants to comply with our world´s authorities. Our attention will be on drawing nearer to the King of Kings, but part of making Him happy is doing our part as good citizens here. It should not bother us to follow the rules of even the rulers we do not quite agree with. Our willingness to comply helps us learn to submit to the will of another instead of doing whatever we want to do all the time. Could we pray that we gladly submit to authorities so that our Lord can see our willingness to follow Him in whatever He may ask of us today?


Dear Lord,

Help us learn to make the authorities happy where we live now, knowing that it is good practice for being the kind of citizens you will want in Your Kingdom to come, we pray!



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