Suffering for God

1st Peter 2:19 Suffering for God

For it is commendable if a man bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because he is conscious of God. 1st Peter 2:19


The children were in trouble. Their mother made them wait until dad came home to receive their punishment. It made the punishment worse. Dad was grieved that he had to intentionally spank his kids, but back in those days, it was the disciplinary method used to teach children of consequences for bad behavior. He explained to them how difficult it was for him to perform this painful lesson but he could not leave room for accusations or “it wasn´t me!” He had to punish them all alike without showing partiality. Then he asked the big question. “Who wants to go first?” How on earth could anyone respond to that?

The youngest boy was clever. While his brothers were still wishing that no painful thing would happen to them. The little guy put his trust in his father. He was willing to show his dad that he would take his spanking first. He probably hoped that his dad would go easy on him. We too will experience pain and even unjust suffering. Some of it we may deserve. Our caring Father may need to teach us our lessons. Other times we may feel like we are the victim. But, like the little guy who volunteered to go first, we can show God that we trust Him. If we must undergo some kind of suffering, we can turn our pain into a show of faith. We can trust in the mercy of our Father. We can demonstrate that we believe in the fact that we are better off under His hand than we are fighting through this world on our own. Who wants to go first?


Dear Lord,

Let us accept every opportunity to trust You and take our pains resting in the hope of growing closer to You. Let us follow our Savior even in the way we suffer too, we pray!


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