Armed for Suffering

1st Peter 4:1 Armed for Suffering

Therefore, since Christ suffered in his body, arm yourselves also with the same attitude, because he who has suffered in his body is done with sin. 1st Peter 4:1 NIV


The fall left the man with nearly complete loss of sight in one eye. It also cracked his kneecap in two. Recovery was painful and it took forever for him to be able to bend his leg without much effort. The hardest part was his sight. What little he could see was highly sensitive to light. The doctors had kept a patch over the eye for some time. So, when he was allowed to take it off, he found that he preferred the comfort of keeping it covered. He bought a proper patch that blocked the rays and also protected it. But now the man looked like a pirate. To arm himself and to help him mentally get over the accident, he grew out his beard. God made it full and black. Naturally, people began calling him Blackbeard. How do we arm ourselves against our sufferings?

Christ suffered before us. If we will follow Him, we cannot expect an easy go of life either. But just as Blackbeard came back from his losses and has lived a life of expeditions and international races, we too can find the strength to press on. The best part of putting our trust in Jesus is that when we do, He will walk with us. Situations may get out of hand, but with Him by our side, we have His unlimited strength and power to count on. The Lord can more than take care of anything this world will throw at us and our future is sure. So, as we prepare for the bad that still may come to us, let´s arm ourselves with a close walk with our Savior too!


Dear Jesus,

Thank You for coming to us, suffering and then conquering the grave. Now arm us with an intimate walk with You so that we may triumphantly face all that we may suffer, we pray!



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