For Others

1537 1st Peter 4:10 For Others

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. 1st Peter 4:10 NIV


That day, the man rode his ATV into a part of the dunes he did not know well. Tufts of long grass grew in between the hills and valleys making his boy stay close behind him on their bikes so as not to lose the group. But the boys did fall behind and lost sight of him. They stopped where his tracks crossed some others not knowing which way he had gone. While they sat making their decision, their father reappeared. He had a silly grin on his face. There was sand in his hair, in his glasses, and all over his bike. “What?” he asked as if nothing had happened. He had obviously fallen and tumbled down the sand dune. But he had not had the courtesy of crashing where everyone could have the pleasure of watching his antics. Do we always think of and do things for others?

Our societies today try to teach us that we deserve the best for ourselves. We can have anything and be anything we want, if we only want it bad enough and work hard enough to get it. The problem with this philosophy is that it leaves little room for others. All the while that we are each chasing our own dreams we may be sacrificing the needs and desires of those around us. Christ and His servants encourage us to resist this trend. In fact, we confirm the goodness of God when we display his grace in our lives. When we share, when we care, when we love others, then God is exalted. He first loved us! So, shall we pray that we learn to use our gifts for the benefit of others that could do with a little of God´s love today?


Dear Lord,

Let the love that You have showered us with move us to share that love with all the other people in our lives, we pray!



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