Clear to Pray

1st Peter 4:7 Clear to Pray

The end of all things is near. Therefore be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray. 1st Peter 4:7 NIV


The river was famous for its size and for the whitewater rapids that form where it goes through the gorge. Two old friends and their boys were loaded in the raft. Giant waves pounded them. They were lifted high in the air then plunged into the trough that followed. When a massive wall of water smashed into them, it flipped them and their raft over like a cheap toy. Heads popped up here and there near the raft. But the two old friends had been dragged deeper underwater by the currents. When they surfaced they were far from the boat. Nearly everyone was having a ball. But one of the friends was afraid for his life. His prayer was to end this ride and be safely back at home. As the end nears, are our minds clear to pray too?

The man who prayed survived the rapids but not cancer. But his mind was clear. He prayed to God. His children have this same hope that he had. They want to be safe at home with him someday soon. The end draws near for all of us. The waters toss us here and there. Now would be a good time for us to shake the streaming water from our faces. We could clear our visions and set them on our Savior. We could make ourselves ready to pray. We could become experts on speaking with God. Our ride is not yet over and the rest of the rapids are sure to be big and rocky. Let´s clear the vision of our soul and start praying now to the only One who can bring us home safely together to be with our Father in Heaven!


Dear Lord,

Please let us and all of our brothers clear our minds so that we can pray to You! Make us experts on approaching You and walking with You each day, we pray!


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