1st Peter 4:19 Suffering

So then, those who suffer according to God’s will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good. 1st Peter 4:19 NIV


The toddler´s brother made a hobo costume one day. He tied a handkerchief around some clothes and hung it on a stick. He wore an old pair of blue jeans and a button-up shirt. He pulled an older-looking cap down to his brow. Then, he announced that he was leaving. The toddler could not understand the joke. He suffered as he watched his big brother set off walking down the sidewalk. He started crying. He hoped that his brother would turn around when he reached the corner. They were not allowed to go that far. But through tears he watched his vagrant brother go around the corner and out of sight. How do we take our sufferings in life?

The heartache that the tiny child suffered the day he thought he lost his brother never turned into anything more than a childish prank. What we find ourselves suffering through in our lives we may think is far more serious. However, the Lord would have us know that we are part of His plan. Our suffering can be like that child´s anguish in that when we are all back in our Father´s House, all this will seem like a joke. All our pain will be forgotten. The bigger picture will become clear. Our spiritual maturity will show us the frivolity of what we had to endure while here on earth. So, let´s not be surprised to find struggles that we will need to go through. Let us look for the opportunity that our suffering brings to us, to strengthen our relationship with Jesus. We can pray that through it, our faith is made perfect and our hope is firmly planted in God!


Dear Lord,

Please help our suffering and strife work their wonder and grow our trust and our walk with You, we pray!


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