All It Takes

2nd Peter 1:3 All It Takes

His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. 2nd Peter 1:3 NIV


His kayak floated in the blue water of the pool. A teenager sat in the cockpit and set up for the Eskimo roll he was practicing. He held the paddle alongside the boat and leaned over until the boat flipped upside down. Once underwater, the boy made a big arc through the water perpendicular to the boat and made a quick snap with his hip. The boat rolled back upright. To his surprise, two friends of his who were younger than him were standing there watching him. They asked him if he would teach them. For a moment he weighed the responsibility and the risk he would be taking if someone got hurt. Then, he coldly told them no. He would never be able to forget the hurt look he saw in their eyes. Are we prepared for life?

Years later, the two younger boys taught themselves to paddle. They are miraculously still friends with their selfish older friend. God has prepared each of us with everything we need in life. But this does not mean that we can learn to kayak, but that God has planted a seed inside of us. This little seed is the knowledge of Him. Deep down, our hearts recognize our Lord. This spark yearns for Him. It leaps up when we turn to God. The world and the trendy thinking of today will heatedly oppose it. But if we will listen, we already have what it takes. That little spark is all we need to take us from our humble beginnings and lead us up into an eternity of discoveries of God and His glory. Can you feel it burn?


Dear Lord,

Take that little spark that You planted in us and grow it into burning desire to know You and live with You, we pray!


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