Add Knowledge

2nd Peter 1:5 Add Knowledge

For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; 2nd Peter 1:5 NIV


One night, the family saw a herd of impala grazing in the tall grass in a hollow below the homestead. The children wanted to try and catch a young one. So, as the father held the spotlight, the children went out the gate and started running through the darkness down the hill. The children were having a ball and laughing quietly to themselves as they ran. Suddenly one of the little ones ran nearly at full speed into a tree. It stopped him with a thud. That was the end of the game. When questioned as to why he had run straight into a tree, the child explained through his tears, that he had thought it was a shadow. Could we seek a little added knowledge before we have a painful lesson too?

Normally we take knowledge to mean that we get out some books and study up on a subject. This can often help immensely. But when it comes to God, there could be much more than filling our head with a bunch of words. To really know something, we must experience it. We can read about scuba diving our whole lives and know everything there is to know about it. But if we never strap tanks to our back and let the water cover over our head, then we are still missing a lot. With the Lord, we must also engage with Him. We must come to know Him just like all other relationships are formed. Does the King of Kings sound like a pretty cool friend to spend our days with, walking and talking with, and coming to know? Let´s add some more knowledge to our faith today and see where it could take us! Are you in?


Dear Lord,

Grow our knowledge of You as You walk us through each breathtaking discovery of coming to know You, we pray!



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