2nd Peter 1:21 Origins

The preacher´s voice boomed out over the congregation. Parents sat in respectful silence and let the words reprimand them and make them want to try harder to do what they were told was right. The children though cringed under the incriminating tone. To them, it sounded like they had already done some imaginary mischief and now they were being reprimanded for it. The preacher had honed his skills and sharpened his vocabulary for this job. He felt it was his responsibility and calling to preach the evil right out of the souls sitting there before him. He had his Bible and he was going to hit them it. He gave it to them good and their squirming in their seats spurred him to greater heights of poetic preaching. Have we ever felt that those who were preaching to us had a personal agenda that they were only using God´s name to push it?

This abuse of authority often happens when people try too hard to speak for the Lord. Despite the personal agendas, we can always choose our response. Instead of focusing on the failures of others, we could leave the origin and the lesson with the Holy Spirit. When and where He is present, is always working to lift God up and place us closer to Him. Where the Spirit of Jesus is, there is always an outstretched hand reaching right in, to where there is need. God´s Word if rightly seen will always bring souls nearer to the Father even if they do expose our failures. So, let´s strive to see every possible message as a chance to bring us closer to the Lord today!


Dear Lord,

Let whatever message we may find today work its wonder and draw our hearts surely and fully unto You, we pray!



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