2nd Peter 2:9 Rescue

if this is so, then the Lord knows how to rescue godly men from trials and to hold the unrighteous for the day of judgment, while continuing their punishment. 2nd Peter 1:9


Proud of his new jeep, a young man took his friends for a drive into the trails that wound between some sand dunes and the surrounding forest. On one of these tracks, far from their camp, he got distracted. When his eyes returned to the path he was on, it was too late. He stopped the small 4X4 with only two wheels still on the track. Any sudden move would tumble them down off the sandy trail and hide them deep in the woods below. They were stuck. There was no way to tell if anyone would pass by to help them for days on the forgotten trail. It would take half a day to hike out and call for help. Have we ever needed rescuing?

The group tried everything they could think of to get the vehicle unstuck. The humiliated boy prayed for God´s help. Then, just like God had planned it all, a dune patrol car came down the forsaken trail. He sees and knows our needs. More importantly, He sees how close our hearts are in relation to His. The Great Spirit is the only One who knows just what is needed to draw our souls back to Him. He can rescue us. The only question is who wants to be rescued. So many of us, are determined to go along without Him. We may think we are clever by resisting God´s attempts to save us. But like the youths on the lonely road, we may only see our predicament when we find we are completely helpless. Who wants to see how God can still rescue us? Could we ask Him now?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for not giving up on us. As we turn to You, take us by the hand and save our wandering hearts. Draw us close and let us walk with You from now on, we pray!



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