Slaves To

2nd Peter 2:19 Slaves To

They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity – for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him. 2nd Peter 2:19 NIV


From an open thatched hut where they were having the church ceremony, the youths could see down onto the dam wall. They were all gathered there in their cleanest shirts listening to the preacher elaborate on some religious point. They tried hard to look like they were listening. But whenever they could steal a glance down to the water, they would. It was not just the cool deep water that was calling them to plunge into. They could see the rocks, cliffs, caves and the forest. All of nature seemed to be calling them to come away and play. But the preacher preached on. Have we ever felt trapped in another person´s beliefs as to what is right?

The preacher saw souls sitting before him that needed the instruction that he was there to give. He felt the need to mold the youths into fine upstanding churchgoers. He was bent on a mission probably higher than the youngsters who just wanted to have fun. But each was a slave to what had mastered them. The call to God should not be a call to seriousness, cold standards or even colder doctrines. Our hearts should leap at the chance to engage with the Creator of the stars! We should be able to hear a voice calling us, not only to the exciting and marvelous outdoors. But rather our call should be to the thrilling exploration of the wonder that is our God. So, instead of becoming slaves to anything less, we could give our hearts to the greatest freedom of all! Shall we choose to give our hearts to wonder, and to the unlimited discoveries of God?


Dear Lord,

Enslave our hearts to the grand exploit of seeking, finding, and discovering the limitless wonders of You, we pray!



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